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The importance of engagement

By Tariq Ahmed, HR Director
As I return to work after a summer break, it has been amazing to get a sense of the energy and feel the buzz that the new term creates. Walking through the Quad today, in bright sunshine and mingling with a variety of new students got me thinking about the word ‘engagement’.

Everywhere I looked there were the most engaged people, talking animatedly about what the next year held for them. The good news is I also see that level of engagement from all corners of our School, be that faculty who create the research and teach our new students, or staff who help drive our business forward. Having this engagement is so important and something I personally have absolutely loved since joining the School (one year ago today as I write this).

From a HR perspective we are continuing to focus on our new People Plan and delivering our People Ambition of “Building the most engaged workplace where everyone is motivated to be their best”. We are pleased that the first stages of our new People Management System have seen us through our first parallel run, a great example of collaboration across departments with IT, Accounts, RFO and HR all playing their part. Planning for our initiative to refresh our Employment Brand is finished and we are moving this forward.

There are of course many more things I could share with you, but sticking with the word ‘engagement’ it is also really pleasing to see even more collaboration with HR now working with the Degree Programmes area to further develop our great place to work and study through sharing learnings across staff and students. Creating that sense of belonging is not always easy, but when you have a great location, awesome faculty, wonderful colleagues and for today at least, the sunshine, it is something we will happily focus on.