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The digital revolution and LBS - what's next?

By Julian Birkinshaw

The digital revolution is affecting every aspect of our personal and professional lives, and it is profoundly reshaping the world of business as well.

London Business School is at the forefront of these changes – in the research done by our faculty, and in the programmes we offer to students and executives.  

For degree programme students, we are launching five new elective courses in such areas as analytics, digital organising, and fintech. The MBA programme has a “digital strategy” course in the tailored core. We already have two online ‘pre-programme’ courses in accounting and statistics, with more to come.  Next year we will be offering the first few ‘blended’ elective courses with significant amounts of digitally-delivered materials. Corporate recruiters are recognising our increasing emphasis on digital learning, with students being hired into tech companies in larger numbers than ever before.

In executive education, we have already delivered several state-of-the-art programmes where materials are rolled out to thousands of people through a blend of video-based and face-to-face delivery. The School has developed three MOOCs (massive online open-enrolment courses), and next year we will experiment with some new high-end SPOCs (small private online courses).  A new face-to-face course on digital disruption is also being launched this summer.

Faculty research is tackling many aspects of the digital revolution, for example Michael Jacobides’ studies of digital ecosystems, Anja Lambrecht’s work on social media advertising, Gah-Yi Ban’s research on machine learning, and Lynda Gratton’s exploration of the future of work in a digital world.

What’s next? These initiatives will lead to exciting new offerings for our alumni around the world, and for the professional development of LBS staff. And we will be ramping up our investment in digital learning still further in the coming years – to make sure London Business School stays at the forefront of the digital revolution.

If you would like to know more about what we have planned for digital learning at the school please talk to Tansy Rothwell.