Brightest Minds from Across the Globe – bringing our brand to life Associate Dean

Brightest Minds from Across the Globe – bringing our brand to life

By Julie Davidson

Introducing our newest ‘Minds alive’ campaign, Brightest Minds from Across the Globe, which embodies and showcases our global thinking and the global make-up of our community. 

We’ve developed this campaign to further elevate our brand, to highlight our MBA and SEP programmes and to encourage brand advocacy in our alumni community. It is a campaign to share with all our audiences, featuring the tremendous academic research, perspectives and experience of our faculty, students, participants and alumni from all corners of the globe.

We asked six members of faculty what they consider to be the biggest challenge facing the global economy



From now till mid-December, you will see brightest minds from across the globe come together in a powerful collection of films, podcasts, articles featuring students’ experience and faculty insights based on decades of research. We’re very proud to be able to share such rich, relevant content with the large global audience it deserves.

You can find it at and across all of the School’s social media channels: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. We’ll be posting new items regularly so look out for new content to watch, listen to and read.

Please join us in sharing this content to people in your own networks: tweet, retweet, post and repost using #globalminds.