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Spring is in the air

By Tony Joyce, Associate Dean, Marketing and Communications

With the arrival of Spring, the clocks going forward and the Easter break, it feels like a good time to talk about change.

There has been plenty of positive change in the Marketing and Communications team over the last year or so. Perhaps the single most dramatic change has been that we now have an in-house creative team. In the past, LBS developed the vast majority of creative work through external agencies. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this approach – and many great brands do exclusively that. However, I still felt that we were missing a trick.

LBS has a particularly rich and complex proposition to the outside world. Our potential participants range from 20 year olds in mainland China considering whether they might want to get on to our joint Masters in Management with Fudan, to senior executives in their late 50s who might be thinking whether our Proteus Executive Education programme would be the right tool to help them reflect on their professional legacy.

We have a broad and complex array of faculty thought leadership to disseminate. We work with corporate partners and individual journalists, and much, much more. This richness is hard for an external agency to fully understand and absorb. We felt that we could deliver better creative content for the school with our own team of expert film makers, designers and writers who can devote time to deeply understanding what LBS is about, and this is what we have now done.

We have always had a team that delivers great results and who work closely with many of you to deliver solutions to your marketing challenges. Now, you will start to see even better films, stronger design work and more powerful written work around what LBS does best. The bonus is that we are also saving the school money as a result - we produce our work for less than half the cost of using external agencies.

But why is all this so important? We have a great story to tell, and we want to tell it well! We are getting better at communicating our academic excellence, how truly global we are, and the uniqueness of our London experience. This is key in attracting the best students…and, of course, the best staff and faculty.

Lastly, as we built this improved and larger team, we also had to go house hunting! Since Christmas 2014, we have been based at 25-27 Lorne Close, just a short walk along Park Road opposite the London Central Mosque. Many of you will not have visited but please do pop by and say hello!