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Reflections on 'Rethinking Leadership'

By Julia Marsh, Associate Dean, Degree Education & Career Centre

One of the three core focus areas of our current ‘Rethinking Leadership’ campaign is ‘putting together your dream team’.  A series of very thought provoking articles from LBS faculty unpack different aspects of this topic and one of the overarching themes is the importance of diversity in teams.

Professor Randall Peterson writes: “if you want to be world-class, you need to be diverse, but be aware that it has to be well-managed to extract that value,” prompting me to reflect on diversity in my team and the wider School.  

Our recently published Diversity Report affirms that we are already an extremely diverse community and are becoming ever more diverse. My own department, Degree Education and Career Centre, reflects this with 32 different nationalities in our staff team of 177.

But what value is the School’s diversity bringing for our students?

Some is very obvious – ‘stand out’ moments such as Tattoo are part of the School’s annual calendar and we are now also in the middle of the student conference season. The volume and breadth of this year’s conferences currently is a testament to the diverse talents and interests of the student body, not to mention conferences such as Women in Business and EurOut which directly address issues of inequality and equal rights.

Other value is less obvious but no less important. We continue to attract staff and faculty from around the globe and almost every possible sector, making us ideally placed to support our students in an ever-widening range of careers. Our recent MBA and MiM Employment Reports confirm that we are equipping increasing numbers of students for careers in new areas such as the technology sector as well as the more traditional pathways.

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