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Where have we come from?

I’ve been asked a number of times in our 50th anniversary year how the School has changed since it started. 

For a start, we are accepted. Gone is the question, “can you really teach business?” Then there is the growth, from the first set of 37 graduates to this year’s 1250, from three degrees in London to six degrees in five countries (from the autumn). In Executive Education we’ve grown from 200 to 10,000 participants. We’ve seen been other big changes too – from British to global (faculty, staff and students), from virtually all-male to, well, at least better balance, from manufacturing to enterprise-focussed, and in what we teach from mostly numbers to people and numbers.

What hasn’t changed is the focus on quality and the combination of theory and practice to make sure that we are relevant to the world of business. And the buzz of the place is what struck me as I arrived many years ago. It’s just as much in evidence now. Happy Anniversary everyone.