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What do the next 50 years look like?

This year we’ve done a lot of looking back at what the School has done. But what do the next 50 years look like? We’ve invited faculty to look forward and so far we have published three contributions on the 50th anniversary microsite.

Ioannis Ioannou tackles the issue of resource availability. He says businesses will need to adopt innovative new business models based on sustainable, recyclable and reusable inputs. They will have to expand their partnerships, to maximise resource productivity, and engage more closely with their customers on these matters.

Julian Birkinshaw comments that we know we live in the information age, but what comes next? A world with too much information? He looks at the problems this might create, including paralysis resulting from data overload and intellectual laziness in assessing it. He suggests that our capacity to make smart and timely judgements will be diminished.

Finally, Alex Edmans looks at the issue of incentivising long-term growth in organisations. He says new ways of evaluating managers need to be found so they’re less focussed on short-term numbers and more on the long-run health of the organisation. This might include measures as environmental stewardship, employee welfare, and supply-chain sustainability.

These are the first of a series of faculty thoughts on the future. I’ll be adding some thoughts on performance measurement practices myself.

Keep an eye on the microsite for updates in the coming weeks.