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New research centre for the new year!

Earlier this month we announced the launch of our newest research institute – the AQR Asset Management Institute. So what is asset management and why is this important? Asset management is how an organisation can get the most value from its financial assets, which include company shares, interest-paying bonds and property. Insurance companies and pension funds rely on good asset management of their investments, and many other organisations have financial assets of this kind. Properly managed, these can add tremendous value to the organisation.

With extensive faculty expertise in this area, the AQR Institute will be led by four Academic Directors - Professors Francisco Gomes, Ralph Koijen, Narayan Naik and Helene Rey - with Bob Jenkins as Chairman. The Institute will develop new ideas, encourage innovation, and support young scholars in the field. It will also forge links between academics and the industry. This is an exciting development which will significantly enhance our impact in this important arena.