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From São Paulo to London and Shanghai – WAC 2018 is in full flow

By François Ortalo-Magné

The autumn is an exciting time of year for our 44,000 alumni all invited to join in our annual Worldwide Alumni Celebration (WAC).

This year’s theme for our WAC is ‘Celebrating the power of the network’. More than 90 events are taking place around the world, from small groups of alumni coming together for dinner, to large receptions where our faculty are sharing insights from their research. We are also using this year’s events to promote LBS Hub, a new alumni digital platform designed to provide alumni with enhanced ways to expand their connections and engage with one another.

Last week I spoke at our WAC in São Paulo. It was fantastic to share an evening there with close to 100 alumni, including some who drove or flew long distances to attend. I enjoyed experiencing first-hand the enthusiasm and commitment of our Brazilian alumni and hearing their hunger for more ongoing engagements with the School.

This week we are celebrating in New York City on Tuesday and we host our largest WAC event right here in London on Thursday. Later this month, I look forward to meeting more alumni at our WAC in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

A big thank you to all of our faculty, staff and more than 200 alumni volunteers around the world who are contributing to this global celebration of our School community. This is the power of our network!