Elevating our brand – the relaunch of London Business School Director

Elevating our brand – the relaunch of London Business School

By Julie Davidson, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

This week has seen the long-awaited relaunch of our brand and I’m really proud of what has been achieved in such a short space of time to step change how London Business School comes to life across our different channels & audiences.

Why was the brand relaunch necessary?

The journey to the relaunch started more than a year ago. Our brand had not been reviewed in many years and had evolved in an inconsistent way, with a wide colour pallet and different messaging. The result of this was that we were not doing justice to our strong equity in our communications.

A strong brand is clear on what it uniquely stands for and brings this to life in a consistent and compelling way. We needed to look at how we could best tell the story of what sets us apart from other business schools, anchored in the DNA we have built up over the last 50 years. This is fundamental to attracting new audiences to the School and ensuring those who are already part of our community continue to feel proud of our brand.

How we established a clear identity

A thorough review process was carried out, which included engaging with more than 300 members of the School community to clarify our brand positioning. Throughout this process there was remarkable consistency in what our audiences felt to be distinctive about the London Business School experience, anchored in our diverse global community, premium learning experiences, London spirit and academic rigour. This was brought together into a single-minded brief for an evolved visual identity and messaging.

Our updated visual identity is a clear and more modern expression of who we are. All the people you see in the new imagery on our website and in advertising are real London Business School students, alumni, faculty and staff. We also have a modern, premium typeface, colour palette and logo – all of which contribute to a living, breathing and dynamic brand that brings our personality to life in an authentic way.

Working collaboratively to engage the School community and update our assets

Once we had aligned on the evolved brand identity the next step was to engage key departments across the School to help us plan how to roll this out across all our assets. This has been a huge effort by both Marketing and Communications and the Brand Champions who joined with us to ensure the relaunch was implemented as smoothly and cost effectively as possible.

It has been inspiring to see the energy and collaboration across the different teams helping to plan this change from project management through to design work, content creation, filming, events and internal communications.

Marketing and Communications has worked hand in hand with the Executive Education and IT departments to deliver the new Executive Education website and re-skin of London.edu – both of which really showcase our updated brand experience. This was a “ fast track” process and shows what can be achieved when we unite behind a common goal and collaborate to deliver change at pace.

I joined the School just over a year ago and saw so much potential for our brand to have more impact among our community and in attracting new audiences to the School. This is only the first phase in elevating our brand. The relaunch will be rolled out across all our assets throughout 2019 and it will take some time to update our messaging and tone of voice.

I hope you agree that our new refreshed identity and messaging are a clear and compelling articulation of who we are and support our future ambitions to grow our position as a first-choice, world-leading business school.

Julie Davidson

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer