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What the Campaign means for LBS

The School’s first comprehensive fundraising campaign has been running since October 2013. So how’s it going?  Those watching the ticker in Sainsbury reception will know that we’ve already raised an amazing £89 million, and reached 56,000 volunteer hours towards our goal of 100,000.  

I’m often asked “Why should I give to the Campaign?”  Here are the four reasons I give. 

First, we just can’t maintain our position among the world’s leading business schools without a successful campaign.  We have to improve the quality of everything we do –buildings, technology, scholarships, sponsored faculty chairs and research.  All these things need money and every other top school relies on fundraising.  We can’t be the only school that relies on income from programmes.   

Second, the campaign gives us the means to achieve our vision. We want to have a greater impact through our research and alumni, and that means more faculty, staff and students. More people means more space, most immediately through the Sammy Ofer Centre.    

Third, individual gifts and the level of participation are powerful signals to those to whom we appeal for funds.  It sends a message that our community believe in LBS and want to support our future. 

Finally, on philanthropic grounds, giving to the School helps us to help individuals improve their lives and organisations in all fields to enhance what they do. 

So fundraising isn’t an optional extra for us – it’s an essential part of what we do and how we ensure our future.  Thank you to everyone in the School who, in many different ways, help to make it happen.