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Inspiration from Davos

By François Ortalo-Magné

Davos. What an experience! Top politicians, business leaders and artists, together for four days in tons of snow.

The LBS team was as present as ever on the program: Professors Lynda Gratton, Hélène Rey and Herminia Ibarra all contributed to sessions, sharing their insights and spreading the impact of our School. We co-sponsored an event with corporate partners Microsoft and A.T. Kearney on how AI will change the world of work. Herminia was joined on the panel by Jean-Philippe Courtois (Executive Vice President, Microsoft) and Arjun Sethi (Partner and Global Lead for Digital Transformation, A.T. Kearney). The audience was a small select group of business leaders who were key relationships to the three sponsors. I enjoyed learning about leading in a world of AI.

Our event was private and will not appear on YouTube. But here is one that was particularly insightful:

Incidentally, panellist Jodi Halpern had another particularly interesting session about her research (also not filmed). I learned from her:

  1. When making decisions that are emotionally charged, boxing in the emotions adds unconscious bias. It is better to acknowledge them so you are clear as to their impact.
  2. Empathy is particularly helpful when it prompts curiosity and expands the conversation. As a psychotherapist sometimes confronted with difficult suicidal cases, she cited for example exploring with the patient why they had chosen that particular day to end their life. 

As we all strive to make better decisions and to promote an inclusive environment within our School, I hope you will find these insights useful.