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Celebrating the power of our network

By François Ortalo-Magné

Sondra and I very much enjoyed our 2018 Worldwide Alumni Celebration season. What a great opportunity to meet our alumni around the world!

This year, we complemented our celebrations by adding some elements of digital interactions with our alumni in London and New York. A big thank you to Isabel Fernandez-Mateo and Julian Birkinshaw as well as our Advancement and Learning Innovation teams for working together to conduct a survey prior to their WACs, incorporating the results of the surveys in the presentations. They then followed up with their respective audiences by sending an e-book.

While travelling for the WACs, I participated in a variety of events for VIP alumni, prospective students and prospective Executive Education clients. I got the chance to meet with journalists and support Herminia Ibarra at a conference in Hong Kong organised by the Women’s Business Alliance within Morgan Stanley. A big thank you to all the teams who coordinated our efforts across Degree Education & Career Centre, Executive Education, Advancement and Marketing and Communications.

In all, I was most fortunate to hear presentations by Isabel (New York), Julian (London), Herminia (Hong Kong) and Florin Vasvari (Shanghai) and see first-hand how much our alumni enjoyed listening to and engaging with them.