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Enhancing teaching and learning resources with Learning Innovation

By Tansy Rothwell, Director, Learning Innovation

Digital learning is a constantly evolving field. The needs of the School have also developed since the concept was first used, with more and more innovative and interactive learning tools becoming available.

In order to stay ahead of the game and provide staff, students and faculty with the most cutting edge teaching and learning resources, what was previously known as the Digital Learning team is now named Learning Innovation. The new name emphasises a commitment to continued development of learning programmes both in the classroom and virtually, as well as reflecting the importance of the Library to our objectives.

To illustrate where we will be focusing I want to share with you some of our key strategic areas. Our five principle objectives are as follows:

Learning Development: To engage faculty and staff with the LBS learning principles. This includes On-boarding, knowledge sharing, best practice promotion, blended learning and peer-to-peer observations.

Learning Delivery: Delivering quality student experiences – enabling access to excellent resources and a focus on learning programmes that benefit the whole School.

Content Creation and Curation: Integrating student learning support into all programmes, by developing discrete learning assets such as case materials, interactive exercises, tutorial videos and formative assessment to support learning programmes.

Learning Technology Backbone: Developing an infrastructure backbone to support learning innovation.

Research and Development: Trial and experiment with new technology with a focus on plugging gaps in our learning portfolio.

As such we have been working with many School faculty recently to develop the blended learning for degree education programmes. This includes an eCase that has been developed with Florin Vasvari for use in his private equity elective that brings the story of Duke Street investments into teamsports to life.

In addition, we’ve worked with Dan Cable to create the first in a series of business seminars. This will enable faculty to deliver the key frameworks, contexts and theories behind a specific topic in a digital format – allowing them to explore topics in greater depth with students face to face.

We have also worked with Executive Education to deliver the new and recently announced Innovating in the Digital World online course, which will run for the first time in January with Professor Julian Birkinshaw.

Finally, we are creating a hub for the wider school community where we will share best practice from our experiments to inform technology for teaching and learning principles. This will be launched later this term.