Why Rejection Matters - Faculty Research LectureEvents

Why Rejection Matters - Faculty Research Lecture

Join Professor Isabel Fernandez-Mateo, Adecco Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship at the first Faculty Research Lecture of the new academic year, titled 'Why Rejection Matters: Learning, Fairness and Diversity'. 

The lecture takes place between 13:00 and 14:00 on Wednesday 25 September at the Wolfson Lecture Theatre. Add this to your calendar.

Lecture overview: Rejection is a feature of organisational life. For example, most sales pitches lead nowhere, most funding requests are denied, and most candidates who apply for a job are not chosen. Yet managers rarely consider how rejection shapes peoples' experiences of the organisation and, in turn, affects the future relationships.

In this lecture, Isabel will present some of her research findings on this topic. We will consider the role of recruitment rejections in learning about jobs and candidates. We will also discuss evidence on how to minimize the negative effects of rejection on future interactions. Finally, we will examine the unexpected effects of rejection on a firms' ability (or lack thereof) to increase demographic diversity in talent pipelines. 

Meet the Faculty member: Professor Isabel Fernandez-Mateo is an economic sociologist and strategy scholar. She studies how firms and individuals can use relationships to create and capture economic value. Much of her research focuses on how social networks influence career outcomes, particularly hiring, job transitions and career advancement.

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