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Wellbeing workshop: boosting energy and performance

Our friends at The Tonic will be delivering two sessions on 19 September at 11am and 1:30pm in LT9 where you’ll discover the five most effective strategies to boost energy and performance, as well as how you can perform to the peak of your potential every day.

These interactive sessions will help you identify attitudes, actions and behaviours that create your ideal environment for success. You’ll identify common barriers to peak performance and discover ways to work around these to proactively manage your mood and state of mind and body to optimise everyday effectiveness. We’ll look at:

  1. Peak performance: what helps, what hinders?
  2. Living with modern day pressure – the benefits and the risks
  3. Surviving – common indicators of pressure / stress (mental, physical, emotional and behavioural)
  4. Thriving – 6 areas where you can reduce stress and boost energy every day 
    1. Sleep Well – sleep, what it does for mental health and why it must be a priority
    2. Eat Smart – food and drink choices to instantly reduce stress levels, clear your head and calm your body
    3. Fitting in Fitness – to channel stress and boost energy
    4. Rest and Recover – take breaks, recharge, refocus, channel your efforts effectively
    5. Positive Thinking – simple strategies to help you see the upside in everyday challenges
    6. Creating win-win situations – effective communication for success at work, at home and everywhere in-between

Places are limited so book in now to attend a session.