We had a blast at the May School Meeting

It was great to see nearly 300 colleagues at the May School Meeting last week. If you missed it – or want to see it again – you can watch our recording.
If you enjoyed this School Meeting (we think you did as you gave us a live score of four out of five) and want the next one to be even more engaging, please complete our anonymous feedback survey. It takes less than four minutes to complete and is largely multiple choice.
We switched things up for this session and made the meeting interactive using polls. We found out that 40% of you would like teleportation as a superpower and mango is your favourite fruit, followed closely by banana and watermelon!
The important stuff

  • Download the infographic of our three priorities: elevating the LBS brand, harnessing the power of digital and increasing our relevance globally
  • You told us that you found the ‘digital’ priority hardest to understand and this is something François will delve into further at the next School Meeting
  • Read all the poll results and questions posed to Hamid

Save the date for the next School Meeting (09:30-10:30) and Networking (10:30-11:30) on Monday 16 July.