Using Yammer groups at LBSNotices

Using Yammer groups at LBS

London Business School’s Yammer network is the School’s internal social network, and is open to staff, faculty and students. Yammer fosters team collaboration, empowers two-way communication, facilitates knowledge sharing and provides a place where you can keep up to date with important School announcements regardless of where you’re located. You can access LBS Yammer here.

A great way of using Yammer is through groups. Yammer groups can be public or private workspaces within Yammer and are typically created around a team, department task, project or common interest.

Groups should be open unless they need to be closed for a particular reason. For example, the ‘IT hints and tips’ group is a public as its content is relevant to all staff, students and faculty, whereas the EMBADS2019 have a private group, where students can collaborate, discuss projects and ask questions specific to their course. 

Why should you join a group?

Groups are the most valuable feature in Yammer, and to make the most out of the network we strongly suggest you join some groups that you feel are relevant to your role and interests. Being a member of a group means you can keep up to date with any updates and post messages for other group members to see.

All Company 

Everyone with a email address that is signed up to Yammer will be automatically placed into this group. Only content that is relevant to the whole community (staff, students and faculty) should be shared here. It reaches everyone, but it’s a busy area.

Public groups

These are open for communication and collaboration. Anyone with a email address can view what is posted. Messages posted in a public group will show up in the home feed of Yammer.

Private groups

These groups are for focused collaboration with a subset of users whose conversations may need to be kept to a unique group of people. Membership is by approval of the ‘group admin’. Messages posted in private groups will only show up in the ‘home’ feed for members of that group and cannot be seen by those outside of the group. However, the content can be seen by system administrators so should not be used for truly confidential information.

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