Final reminder: upload a picture to your Outlook profile to help your department win a prize!

You have until the end of Friday 8 February to upload a picture to your Office 365 profile to help your department win a prize!

It’s so quick and easy to do, and has a number of benefits. Having a profile photo helps to build community and gives you a face behind the name to others around the School. Furthermore, if you don’t have a picture a grey silhouette appears in its place… and a grey silhouette can’t smile!

You wouldn’t set up social media accounts without a picture, so why should you do it with email and Skype profiles? If you haven’t already uploaded a great picture of yourself to go with your profile, just follow this link and click Upload photo, followed by Save. Pictures only appear internally to others with a email address and on Microsoft programmes, such as Outlook, Skype for Business and Yammer.

A chance to win! 
Each department has been ranked according to its size and been set a target for profile completion. So do your bit by uploading your photo or persuading colleagues to join in. Everybody in departments that reach their target will receive sweet and edible prizes!

If you have any further questions about uploading an image please contact Hamish Armstrong.