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All change in Digital Learning

Change of Name

The Digital Learning team will now be known as Learning Innovation which includes Library Services. The team will continue to work mainly on digital materials, but will also be looking to help faculty and programme directors in a variety of ways – including but not limited to using new technologies.

New Offerings 

The School has just launched a pre-programme finance course (created by Anna Pavlova) and is investigating additional courses in the pre-programme space.

Over the next six months LBS will also launch three online open programmes (led by John Mullins, Rupert Merson and Julian Birkinshaw) on an experimental basis. Once these trials are complete, the team will be in a position to decide whether and when to commit significant resources to the online open market.

This summer the team worked on four blended learning experiments with JP Benoit, Dan Cable, Derek Bunn and Florin Vasvari. It is also working with a further seven faculty (Lakshmanan Shivakumar, Yiorgos Mylonadis, Isabel Fernandez Mateo, Donal Crilly, Oded Koenigsberg, Chris Higson and Richard Jolly) to create digital materials for their degree programme teaching.
Learning Innovation Team

The learning Innovation team has also grown over the summer.

Welcome to Joel Armando, Learning Innovation Manager; Tom Pieroni, Learning Designer; Mairead Pratschke, Learning Design Consultant; and Claire Economopoulou, Learning Technologist. 

Avtar Natt also joins us as the new Research Liaison Librarian.

Recording studio

The IT Media Services team has upgraded our facilities, and there is now an on-campus recording studio in C wing. If you want to record a video or podcast there, please get in touch!