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Three ways to enjoy a more sustainable beverage

As a School we want to help make a dent in 2.5 billion takeaway cups that are used in the UK every year. There are now three easy ways to do this on campus...

#1 Reduce: china mugs now available for use in Nash

The team in Nash is now offering china mugs for customers drinking in the cafe. Enjoy a classier beverage and help the School reduce its waste cups.

#2 Re-use: 'cups for life'

You will receive a 20p off each hot drink that you buy on campus if you have it in a reusable cup. 'Cups for life' are available from the LBS Gift shop on campus and online.

#3 Recycle: new bins are now on campus

New cup recycling bins arrived on campus last month and have been placed outside lecture theatres and in communal areas ready to receive your cups. Please only put cups in these bins!