Tell us about your learning and development needs

LBS strives to have an engaged, motivated workforce, whose love of learning mirrors that of our students, faculty and participants. As part of your focus session discussions, you would have had a conversation about your development and learning needs with your line manager.

Learning and Development would also like to hear about what your learning and development needs are, whether that is to enhance key skills, knowledge or behaviours, so that we can feed this into our L&D plan for the academic year and ensure we have the opportunities available enabling you to achieve your objectives and reach your potential at the School.

What do you need to do?

Please complete the online form with details of the learning needs identified in your recent focus session discussions with your line manager. We will review these across the organisation and look for trends to provide the most impact through structured learning for the most people.

The deadline to complete this form is Monday 29 October 2018.
In addition, have a look on learning core to browse current offerings. We have built a range of tools and content for all to take advantage of, so please consider alternative ways to learn such as online learning through LinkedIn Learning, job shadowing, mentoring or project work; all of which form the majority of how we learn at work.

We will share any new L&D opportunities with you as a result of this exercise either directly or via our new 'You, Me and L&D' newsletter and L&D Yammer group.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us at