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TEDxLBS 2017 club kick-off

The London Business School hosts TEDx talks to encourage the contemplation of new ideas and perspectives. Every year, we explore a new theme and bring together a diverse group of individuals to motivate and inspire.

Want to be part of the team that drives the largest conference of the year? Looking for a an exciting community to be a part of? Well mark your diaries! On 5 September 2016 in WLT (1st Floor, Plowden) we will be kicking off the 2017 TEDxLBS conference. To give you a taste of what a TEDx Talk is like, we are very excited to have Alex Edmans, a brilliant orator and Finance professor here at LBS, do his talk from TEDxLBS 2015 for you. He will talk about the long-term impact of social responsibility and challenges the idea that caring for society is at the expense of profit - so be sure to join us for this very special treat!

We will round off the evening with telling you more about our goals for the year and how you can get involved. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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