Sustainable eating at the SchoolOur campus

Sustainable eating at the School

Our campus catering team serves 40,925 people each month and we are tackling the big issue of waste.

In August 2018 we removed all plastic packaging, so if you’re picking up a sandwich, yoghurt pot or even a seasonal salad they are all placed into Vegware plant disposables. We also banned plastic straws and moved our disposable cutlery over to a plant-based product.

We also have two initiatives to help you save the pennies and save your disposable usage. Pick up a reusable salad container in Nash or The Café and save 20p on every salad bought. Also, do not forget to use a reusable cup and save 20p on any hot drink. If you want to send us waste saving ideas then fill in the feedback section of our Lex Eat app, remember to use code LEX-LBS to submit your ideas.

In recent months we have also started to support Central London Rough Sleeping Committee by donating left over cakes and food to the organisation. And we're not stopping there, our Lexy team will be volunteering this month to serve and make food for the community. Food waste is also tackled through end-of-day half price sales, keep your eyes peeled for a bargain and help us minimise waste!