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Sustainability on campus

Encouraged by the story of a student start-up company ‘The Ocean Bottle’ and its scheme for reducing ocean-bound plastic, the School looked again at how it supports a variety of environmental initiatives, and has made a renewed commitment to reduce the use of single-use plastics within the business. Tying in with the Kickstarter event date, a number of these measures will be in place on or before Tuesday 6 November.

Sustainable packaging
Working collaboratively with our catering services we have made a pledge to refrain from using plastic packaging, for any food items produced on site. To enable us to achieve this target, we have collaborated with a new disposables company to meet the packaging needs of our hospitality services and retail outlets. Vegware Disposables provides plant-based catering disposables made from 100% renewable, lower carbon or recycled materials.

To support the launch, Vegware have been invited to showcase its products in Nash Lounge, from 10:00 to 15:00 on Tuesday 6 November, so please feel free to come and learn more about this visionary company and its sustainable packaging.

Reusable drinkware
Currently, our coffee outlets and hospitality services hand over 176,000 single-use coffee cups in a year. In an effort to reduce this number, customers who bring a reusable cup to our coffee outlets are rewarded with a 20p discount on any hot drink purchased. We have increased the variety of reusable cups we sell, from School-branded mugs to renowned drinkware such as Contigo and Chilly’s bottles. All these and more can be found at shop@LBS (located in Plowden Reception) with a 10% discount on all purchases for all members of the LBS community. 

Water dispensers
There are more than 100 water dispensers located across the London Business School campus hubs.

We will soon be installing a new water dispenser on both floors of our B-Wing accommodation; potentially reducing the need for 36,000 single-use plastic bottles a year. Each bedroom will be provided with a glass carafe to encourage guests to take water back to their rooms, rather than rely on a new plastic bottle of water each day.

Our next steps will be to remove plastic cups from the dispensers across the School and replace with Vegware Disposables.

Centralised bins
Our aim is to increase recyclable rates against general waste materials, which through incineration go from waste to energy.

Through our Campus Green initiative, general rubbish bins are gradually being removed from meeting and seminar rooms. Centralised clusters of bins with new recycling graphics are being located in public and high-transit areas around the School, providing the community with a more efficient and informative way to deal with waste.

We ask that you take a moment to assess your rubbish and choose the appropriate bin in which to recycle the item. There are clearly marked bins for tea/coffee cups, all plastics (including food packaging), glass, cans, food tins, paper and cardboard.

It is only with the continued support and assistance from the School community that we can continue to drive our efforts toward improving environmental awareness, and becoming a more sustainable business.