This evening sees the return of Sundowners!

Every fortnight on a Thursday evening, LBS members congregate in the Nash and on the Front Lawn to socialise and enjoy beverages and food - in an event known as Sundowners. 

Sundowners is free and is brought to you by one of the school clubs with different themes, drinks, decorations and entertainment. The first Sundowners of the year is brought to you by the Snow Club. Look out for beers that are as cold as the Alps, and a sneak peak at what the club has in store later in the year, including Snow Trek.

Sundowners is made possible by our partnership with ABInBev.

For those of you unfamiliar with Sundowners, here's a quick FAQ for you:

Do I need to register or RSVP to attend Sundowners?
There is no need to sign up, but you must bring your LBS ID.

Can I bring guests?
Partners are welcome, but they must also bring their LBS Partner Card to enter. Unfortunately, we cannot welcome other guests. Children are not allowed to attend.

Who are these amazing people serving me and making Sundowners possible?
The Sundowners crew members are all LBS students who have volunteered their time to make Sundowners possible. They appreciate hugs and high fives. Make sure to ask them how they got their nicknames!

Join the Sundowners Crew

Why join?
Being on the Sundowner's crew allows you to give back to the LBS community at the number one campus-wide event. It also affords you the opportunity to get to know students from a range of programmes.

How do I apply?
Send a brief 100 word email about yourself, why you want to join the crew and why you would be a fantastic addition to before 11:59pm on Sunday 23 September.