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Sundowners has returned!

Buckle up - Sundowners is just around the corner! Join us at 18.30 on 15 September to kick off the first Sundowners of 2016/17. 

As always, remember the rules:

1. You must have your LBS IDs

2. Alcohol must stay within Nash/Front Lawn. Take it further and it will be taken from you. 

3. Smoking is only allowed on the Front Lawn, not near the building. Please dispose of your butts. 

4. Recycle your cups. 

5. Please leave when asked otherwise we risk losing our license and nobody wants that. 

6. Respect other students, staff and the cew - they are volunteers after all!


We look forward to seeing you on the 15 September at 18.30! If you have any questions, please email sundowners@london.edu.