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Summer Fridays return

Summer Fridays will return for staff between 10 June and 30 September.

If you have worked your contractual hours by midday on Friday, and you have discussed cover with your manager, you can take up to four half days off on Friday afternoons in the period mentioned above. Certain conditions do apply:

  • You can only take them in weeks that are not booked as holiday.
  • Where this affects operational requirements there may be flexibility. For example, allowing you to be in the office for nine days out of ten.

Summer Fridays are subject to approval by your line manager and you are encouraged to use them across the summer, rather than take them all in September. Please do think about any impact across your wider team when planning this time off.

Carry over leave from 2018/2019

The School's holiday year runs from 1 August to 31 July. We encourage all staff to use their holiday in the relevant academic year, but there is a provision in the staff annual leave policy for staff to carry over up to five days (in equivalent hours) from one year to the next. This should always be discussed as early in the year as possible with your line manager and done as an exception rather than a rule.

Since the launch of connect@lbs we have had to manually manage the carry-over of annual leave. With effect from 01 August 2019 we will seek to automate the carryover of leave up to a maximum of five days in line with the staff.

For further information, please refer to the annual leave policy or contact Human resources: