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Staff spaces available for MBA/MiM core classes

Why not sharpen your business acumen and develop your knowledge and skills by experiencing our world class teaching first-hand? 

We're delighted to offer you the opportunity to apply to attend one of three Masters in Management (MiM) core courses or one of two MBA courses, starting in September 2016.

What's on offer?

Masters in Management Modules

Core class   


Time commitment  

Financial Accounting 

Term 1:
12 Sept - 23 Nov

12 x 2hr 15 min lectures

Data Analytics for Management

Term 1:
13 Sept -  9 Nov

9 x 2hr 15 min lectures


Term 1: 
27 Sept - 21 Nov

10 x 2hr 15 min lectures

MBA Modules

Core class


Time commitment


Term 1:
14 Sept - 25 Nov

10 x 3 hour lectures

Data, Models and Decision Making

Term 1:
12 Sept - 6 Dec

13 x 3 hour lectures

*dates may vary slightly depending on which stream you are in.

Staff members who take part in any of these courses will be expected to fully participate in lectures and undertake pre-reading required for lectures but will not be required to attend seminars, complete any coursework or undertake exams.

How do I apply?
Read the full course details, by clicking on the course links above, to see if it is relevant to your role or longer term career aspirations. 

Think about how you will create the time to attend all of the lectures, do the pre-work, keep on top of your day job and apply the learning back in your role. Discuss these points with your line manager to get their approval.

Complete the application form and return it to Learning and Development by 17.00 on Tuesday 30 August 2016.

Application outcomes
Spaces will be offered based on:

  • the relevance of this course to your stated learning objectives
  • how you will apply the learning in your role and the impact this will have
  • your commitment (and the support of your line manager) to attend the full course without compromising your performance in your current role
Successful applicants will be informed by w/c 5 September 2016 and will be invited to a briefing meeting in early September.

If you have any questions, please contact Learning and Development.