Senior SA Officer Elections 2018

As we hope you all know already, this place wouldn’t be the same without its unique ecosystem of student-led initiatives. From sports to clubs, parties to conferences and treks to networking, all these activities fall within the London Business School Student Association. To keep building on our amazing student experience, we’re looking for passionate and dedicated students to take on the role of Senior Officers in the 2018/19 academic year.


There are 11 roles to be elected, and applications will nee to be submitted by midnight on Sunday 11 March, 2018. Existing SA officers will be available for coffee chats throughout the application period. You can read more about the roles here or you can find details on Campus Groups here.


The Student Association are looking for talented people who will make an impact on the School. The Senior Officers are comprised of the following roles: 

  • Treasurer
  • Senior Social Affairs Officer
  • Senior Campus Operations Officer
  • Senior Sports & Clubs Officer
  • Senior PR and Communications Officer
  • Academics and Ethics Representative
  • Senior Sponsorship Representative
  • Alumni Representative
  • Careers Representative
  • Student Advocate Officer
  • Senior Incoming Students Officer

 Here are your next steps: 

  • ApplicationsSend a one-page (word or ppt) manifesto to SA Oversight Committee (saoversight@london.eduby midnight 11 March, 2018. The manifesto should address which position you are running for, relevant experience and skills, and your motivation for being part of the SA. To give you an idea of previous manifestos, click here.
  • Candidate Announcement: Candidates will be announced to the school on 12 March, 2018.
  • Campaigning: Campaigning is optional and can take place from the 12 March, 2018, but please note strict restrictions on mass communication (see here: SA regulations
  • VotingOpen from the 12thto 16thMarch, 2018To vote, a link will be emailed to the student body.
  • Results: Candidates will be informed of the result on 17thMarch, 2018 and results will be announced on 28thMarch, 2018.


To be eligible for the SA President role, you need to apply and be elected to one of the roles above. Once the Senior Officers above have been elected, one of them will be selected by their peers on the Student Association to lead as President. Here is how the process works:
The President is elected by a simple majority of:

  • The members of the Incoming Executive Committee; and
  • The members of the Executive Committee who were elected during the 2017 Autumn Elections (first year roles and programme reps)

The vote for the President will be conducted on 20 March, 2018.

The Incoming President shall have the option of relinquishing their original Executive Committee office upon election as President. In this case, the Executive Committee will call for nominations or appoint a student to fill the vacancy.
For any questions, please contact