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Reminder: September School Meeting

The School Meeting with the Dean and your colleagues is on 27 September from 10-11am at the Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynaecologists (RCOG) Nuffield Hall. Immediately after the meeting is an interactive networking session on the ground floor of RCOG – complete with refreshments until 12pm!

What to expect at the meeting:
This School Meeting will focus on Elevating the LBS Brand, one of François’ three priorities for the school. You’ll hear from François and others about what Elevating the LBS Brand means to them, and how their areas celebrate this priority.

When we last met:
At the July School Meeting, we looked at Harnessing the Power of Digital. You informed us that focusing the meeting on one major topic was useful. In fact, by the end of the July meeting 90% of attendees told us they better understood the digital priority.

(François answers questions from the audience during the July School Meeting.) 

Please note:
Please be on the look-out for a diary invite from Internal Communications for the 27 September School Meeting. We look forward to seeing you there!