Sammy Ofer Centre seminar room updates: Check in your booking

From this week, you will have to check in your booking at Sammy Ofer seminar rooms. Failure to check in will cancel your booking.
Following the feedback from the student survey, the Space Management Team will be adding some new features to the popular LBSMobile Room Booking App in the coming weeks. IT and Space Management have developed these new features in collaboration with the Student Association to improve the experience of room booking at LBS.
If you book a seminar room at Sammy Ofer Centre, you will need to click the check in button on the room booking panel within 15 minutes of the start of your booking. Reminder emails will be sent to you in advance of your booking. If you don’t check in on the room booking panel your booking will be cancelled. This ensures that unoccupied rooms are made available for others to book.
If you have any questions please contact the Space Management team on