Perfectionism: Why you are not reaching your full potentialEvents

Perfectionism: Why you are not reaching your full potential

Saying you’re a perfectionist may sound good in a job interview - but how does perfectionism actually affect you in the long run?

On 26 February, 19:00 - 20.30 (LT17 Sammy Ofer Centre), social psychologist and TED speaker Dr Thomas Curran will join us to talk about the ‘Perfectionist Epidemic’ - and we will discuss why students and professionals are becoming more perfectionistic, the effects of perfectionism on burnout and mental health, and how we might escape our dangerous obsession with perfection.

The session will consist of an overview talk followed by a peer-to-peer discussion, where we will have opportunity to ask questions centred on strategies for managing expectations and to share relevant experiences, both in a personal and professional setting, with our peers. 

Register here to join the event organised by Peer Support Group for Mental Wellbeing.