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Pay and appraisal consultation update

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts about the proposed changes to the pay and appraisal process. We had a great response! 70 members of staff fed back to the consultation, either with written responses or through team meetings or individual conversations with Staff Committee reps. 

Staff Committee has collated and analysed all of the responses and shared these back with Tariq Ahmed, HR Director.  We found some common themes, noted below.

People were broadly positive about:

  • being consulted, commenting that it is heartening that the School is seeking input from staff before a decision is made
  • the need to change the current process which many view as cumbersome and demotivating
  • the removal of ratings
  • simplification of the appraisal form and moving to a more regular appraisal process
  • moving to a two-part pay system (although there was much debate about the criteria used)

Questions and concerns were raised about:

  • the fairness and transparency of the proposed approach, and what safeguards would be put in place to ensure this
  • the consistency of the approach across the School
  • the need to view this as a cultural change and  equip managers before we implement a new process  
  • the need to manage the transition sensitively
  • the proposed ‘basket’ of categories – in particular around how they would be objectively assessed
  • who makes the decisions
  • further opportunities to input on a more developed proposal

Staff Committee made a number of suggestions based on the feedback received from staff and look forward to continuing to contribute as the proposal develops.