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New procurement policy now live

New Procurement policy and procedures now live

The School's Procurement policy and procedures are designed to help staff manage their relationships with suppliers and to ensure that the School receives the best possible value for money from its transactions.

A new Procurement policy and procedures are now live and can be found on the Procurement section of Portal: Portal> Operations> Accounts> Procurement.

This policy must be followed if you are planning to make a purchase of over £5,000.

Other supporting documents on Portal include:

Templates including:  Request for Proposals (RFPs); Invitations to Tender (ITTs), Collection Templates for Financial and Non-Financial information, Tender Opening Form,  Supplier Scoring,  Tender Quote Tracking / Award Document, Non-Disclosure Agreement; Letter of Intent and Successful / Unsuccessful bidder correspondence

Guidance including: running a competitive process including RFPs and ITTs, contracts; supplier files,  supplier management including KPIs and SLAs and writing a specification

Contacts including: a list of current Departmental Procurement Leads, Preferred Suppliers, Procurement Categories and their owners

Forms: Contract Approval Document (CAD) and Category Specific Agreement (CSA)

Please contact your departmental procurement lead for more information or for help with using the new Policy and Procedures.