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New campus security cards

Over the last few weeks the Access Control Project team has been gradually issuing new security cards to groups of staff across the School. This is part of a phased roll-out of new cards with similar technology to Oyster cards, meaning you’ll be able to touch in rather than swipe to gain access to areas of the School.

Everyone needs a new card before the card readers on all of the doors at the School can be replaced. This will mean you will receive a new card before we’ve updated all of the readers across campus and may still need to swipe your card in some areas.

Details of when your card and the readers across the School will be updated will be shared with you over the coming weeks. Look out for a session near you so that you can pick up a replacement card.

Any personal settings on your card, such as manual top-ups to your printing credit will be transferred to your new card.

With everyone’s help we will get through the replacement process quickly and start benefitting from the new technology.

If you have any questions or would like more information on the new cards, please contact Joe Pumphrey.