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myaccess@LBS – What’s changed this year

The IT and myaccess@LBS project team have done some fantastic work this year to ensure we can all stay protected from weekly phishing attacks and other cyber attacks.

This year’s journey to improving the school’s security began by introducing myaccess@LBS – an ongoing programme of work to make your access to school and student systems simpler, more secure and consistent.

myaccess@LBS offers everybody an easy-to-use method of managing LBS accounts including changing your password, making it more secure when you log in and managing your recovery information. Two-factor Authentication (2FA) now protects O365, Portal and connect@LBS. In the New Year, you'll continue to notice that you will be required to use 2FA on more and more school applications, starting with Canvas. 

The great thing is, once you're verified, you'll gain access to all of the myaccess@LBS systems without having to log in each time you want to use them. Have a go by going to and you'll see the list of systems grow here as they are added to the myaccess@LBS group.

The number of times you'll have to verify will be reducing soon too. Instead of having to verify once a day, you’ll only have to verify once every seven days, on each device.

Here are some top tips to make sure you stay safe online during the festive period:

  • If you're looking to get a new phone for Christmas, ensure you set up 2FA on your new phone before you ditch your old phone. All instructions can be found on our myaccess@LBS page

  • Make sure you set up as many 2FA methods as possible; this will mean you'll be able to get back into your LBS account if you don't have your default verification method (your mobile phone) with you. Setting up an alternative phone number is always a great idea. If you have multiple devices, you can also download the Authenticator App on each of these. Here are some instructions on how you can do this.

  • If you're planning to stop using an old phone (maybe Santa will bring you some new devices over the festive period), make sure you delete all data off your old phone. You can do this by following your manufacturer's instructions to 'securely wipe data.' 

In the new year 2FA will be introduced to even more school systems, with improved desktop security features, password expiration and lots more.