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LBS Monopoly is here!

We were delighted to launch the School’s first edition of Monopoly at this year’s Alumni Reunion Weekend. With a surprise turnout from Mr Monopoly, the game was presented to excited alumni who were keen to reminisce and immerse themselves once again in our familiar buildings and locations.

Take a journey through our London campus and global locations, collecting iconic buildings along the way. Invest in seminar rooms and lecture theatres, re-live good times at Sundowners and Tattoo, and make a bid for wealth and domination by controlling our main campus hubs - Sussex Place, Sammy Ofer Centre and Taunton Centre!

The new game is available exclusively on campus in the Gift Shop for a discounted price of £29.99. They make wonderful gifts, and students can also take time to de-stress during exam time by playing a game or two out on the Front Lawn. Take a chance, and buy yours today!