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LBS Family Business Conference

Date: 15 April 2016, from 09.00 - 18.30pm

Venue: Taj Hotel, St James’ Court, London


This year's conference will focus on three main themes: 

  1. Innovation in the Next-Generation: With the advent of the new age of tech and start-up companies, how is the next generation innovating? We focus on how family business successors are implementing value-enhancing propositions and entrepreneurial flare to drive their family business forwards. The panel is mainly composed by sons and daughters of family businesses and how have they embraced the business and lead certain challenges from entrepreneurship to managing integration of other companies.

  2. Corporate Philanthropy: Corporate Social Responsibility is an area of ever increasing importance to family businesses. We present a group of family offices who have entrenched philanthropy in their core values and discuss how philanthropy is compatible with wealth generation. The speakers will provide us a view on the challenges across different sectors, countries and diverse types of philanthropy as microfinance, in the family business context.

  3. Family Business Case Study: Fireside chat moderated by Professor Merson in which the approach used to grow the family business is covered, after which we will discuss the challenges of succession and industry slow-down. All in all, the case study will provide a 360 degree overview of the strategic challenges and management dynamics that family businesses face.


For more information: https://clubs.london.edu/family/FBC2016/

To buy tickets: https://clubs.london.edu/family/rsvp?id=24929