LBS Families: upcoming meal datesNotices

LBS Families: upcoming meal dates

The Student Association has announced a batch of upcoming dates for LBS Families. 

LBS Families allows you to meet up with fellow School students across different programmes for an organised meal at a London restaurant.

For those who haven’t yet signed up, all you have to do is register here and for £15 our partner Join will match you with between four and six LBS students from across programmes. Upcoming dates are as follows:

  • Monday 29 October
  • Tuesday 30 October
  • Tuesday 6 November
  • Wednesday 7 November
  • Tuesday 13 November 
  • Wednesday 14 November 
  • Tuesday 20 November 
  • Wednesday 21 November 
  • Tuesday 27 November 
  • Wednesday 28 November

The Student Association will continue to sign people up for LBS Families at upcoming Sundowners events in the Nash Lounge from 18:30-19:30. You can also pick up a free t-shirt by registering with reps at Sundowners as well.

When registering please note that the Student Assocation is unable to offer refunds in the event of cancellations within hours of the dinner. Please try to take this into account when choosing the dates.

If you have any questions about LBS Families please contact the Student Association.