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LBS Africa Business Summit 2017

The London Business School’s Africa Club is excited to present its 16th Annual Africa Business Summit scheduled to be held in London on Saturday 22 April 2017.

In keeping with the London Business School’s tradition of substantive thought leadership, this year’s summit theme "Made in Afica" will explore the new realities of doing business in Africa and provides a platform for frank debate on effective strategies for sustaining the continent’s positive momentum.

While a growing labour force and a large and emerging consumer market holds the promise of significant further growth opportunities, Africa’s resource dependent governments are fighting to manage the impact of failing commodity prices and depreciating currencies.  

This year’s summit will take place against the backdrop of critical questions for the continent:

  • As negotiations for a continental free trade agreement continue, how will its implementation impact regional integration and infrastructure?  How will we leverage Africa’s increasing comparative advantages in participating in global value chains?

  • How deep do China’s ties with Africa extend beyond infrastructure and natural resources? As the uneven global recovery unfolds, especially within Europe and China, who will emerge as the real trading partners to the continent?

  • How can niche-financing vehicles increase access to low cost and patient capital for SMEs and non-traditional entrepreneurial ventures?

  • Where will Africa’s first “unicorn”, an internet company with a billion dollar valuation, come from?

The day’s proceedings will culminate with our first ever Alumni awards ceremony during a seated Gala dinner with live African entertainment.  This is a chance to deepen connections in a relaxed setting and carry on the day’s active debates.

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