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Latin American Business Forum 2016


Four keynote speakers and three panellists will share with us their vision on innovative practices pursued by Latin American businesses to better serve the rising middle class in the region. 

The event will take the discussion in-depth in the following areas:

Perceived opportunities, perceived capabilities: Latin America as a destination for smart capital

Latin America has grown from an investment destination for big ticket items like commodities and infrastructure to now offering additional opportunities that range from proprietary technology to social entrepreneurship. Moreover, international orientation of early-stage entrepreneurs is highest in Latin America, compared to other emerging regions, with around 36% of their share of customers living outside of their respective countries. This panel will discuss the opportunities posed by the current investment landscape, and will outline potential synergies between the European capital and the Latin American market.

How to capture the opportunities offered in Latin America?

In the past few years, Latin America has been experiencing great ups and downs. Political unrest, financial stress aligned with unsolved inflation and dynamic consuming opportunities describes the region's emerging economies. In the past few years, Latin America's growth has been intrinsically linked to the region's changing demographics, consumption patterns, and increasing urbanisation. This panel will discuss some of the avenues available to tap into this potential from a business standpoint.

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