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Influence pay review communications

We are introducing a new pay review process this year to replace the rating-linked system.Your voice matters when it comes to how we communicate. Ensure that we get it right by taking our two-minute, anonymous survey.
Click here to complete the survey and inform how we plan to communicate.


Pay review process details:

  • The new process is being introduced in response to staff feedback and consultation with the Management and Staff Committees.

  • It is intended to be an improvement on the old process: simpler, quicker to complete, more consistent and allowing for a wider range of factors to be taken into consideration.

Tariq Ahmed, HR Director, recently gave staff an overview of the pay review journey. Tariq educated the crowd on: 1.) why we are doing this, 2.) where we are currently, and 3.) what’s next.  Click here to learn from Tariq.