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Honorary awards nominations

Nominations are now open for School awards at 2017 Summer Congregation.  

Who's eligible?

Honorary Degrees
 are mainly - but not only - for academics of other institutions of international standing with a connection with the School.  Recently honoured have been Olivier Blanchard, former Chief Economist at the IMF and Professor of Economics Emeritus at MIT, Chicago's Raghuram Rajan (currently India's Central Bank Governor) and Stanford's Mary Barth.

Fellowships and Honorary Fellowships are for people who "have rendered exceptional service to the School and/or attained outstanding distinction in business".  They can include present or former members of the School's staff and alumni.  Examples have been John Connolly, who was involved in setting up the Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Helena Morrissey, CEO of Newton Investment and Founder of the 30 Percent Club, for her work on tackling issues of gender imbalance at board level; Professor John Roberts for significant contributions to the Marketing Subject Area; and, most recently, prominent institutional investor Neil Woodford CBE.

What's the basis of choice?
The criteria that have been used recently include:

  • identifying the School with success 
  • widening the group of the School's friends and supporters 
  • recognising exceptional contributions to the School 
  • signalling the School's international commitment 
  • celebrating excellence in or to management.

What happens to nominations?
They go to a committee that draws up a shortlist for Management Board, who then recommend the names to Governing Body.  

How can I nominate?
Fill in this nomination form. The more information you can provide in your nomination the better, including details of the individual's links with the School and reasons why the School should make the award. In making the nomination, please note that people have got to come to receive an award, so nominating the Queen may not be a good use of your time.  

Please send nominations to Rachel Ramsey or Rebecca Court by 30th September 2016.