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getAbstract and personal development for 2017

Research shows that learning throughout life is associated with greater satisfaction and optimism, and improved ability to get the most from life.

People who carry on learning after childhood report higher wellbeing and a greater ability to cope with stress. They also report more feelings of self-esteem, hope and purpose.

There are many tools and courses available for you to continue your personal development at the School. 


delivers five-page business book summaries from the most influential business titles. getAbstract’s summaries can be read in under 10 minutes and are used by 1,000 companies and 20% of the Fortune 500.

This resource is FREE to the LBS community and can be found in the A-Z list of databases in Portal: getAbstract

It's quick and easy to use - summaries are quick to read, print, download, listen to - or save to read later.

Knowledge packs provide a concise introduction and four hand-picked summaries to bring you up to date on the latest literature on a topic in 45 minutes. Topics range from executive coaching to the automobile industry.

It's personalised - you will be sent the latest and best-rated summaries that suit your personal profile and you can download a travel pack of six readings that you haven’t yet read, generated to match your profile.

Access is global 
getAbstract is accessible remotely on any device: iOS, Android or Windows Mobile.



Learning and Development: what's on offer? 

Professional Skills: Communication

Professional Skills: Planning, Organising and Executing

Management Development 

Powerful Presentation Skills


Business Writing (Tone of Voice)


LinkedIn: How to make the most of your profile


Personal Branding


Courageous Conversations


Persuading and influencing


Networking: How to work the room



Introduction to Project Management


Professional Project Management



Coaching and Feedback for line managers


Welcome to Line Management


Interviewing Skills


If you would like to find out more about what is covered in these courses and when they are running, follow this link which will direct you to L&D portal pages.

How do I apply?

Once you have had the chance to review the course outlines and have discussed with your line manager to see what might be suitable to meet you learning needs, you can request a place  by clicking here.

How it works?

If we receive more applications than we have spaces, we will prioritise who attends the current courses and who either goes on a waiting list to attend the next iteration or has their learning need supported in another way.  

Contact Learning and Development should you have any questions regarding any of the above.