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Get fit fast - well-being workout

We know that sometimes it's a struggle to fit exercise into your routine. It can be tough to get the results you’re looking for as quickly as you might like. So we’ve asked our friends at The Tonic to design a well-being workout that will show you everything you need to know about how to get super-fast fitness results, wherever you are, no matter how busy you are.

This practical, team based workout session on 4 October from 10:00 – 11:00 in ELG01, is suitable for ALL LEVELS of fitness and exercise experience.  The idea is that everyone will learn how to design a workout routine that will suit them and their schedule. You can work as hard as you like (or not) during the session and you will all experience the secrets to successful exercise, for now and forever. 

  • Learn how to get great exercise results in minimal time
  • Understand how to quickly put together a balanced fitness programme for strength, cardio and toning results
  • Learn effective exercise technique
  • Learn workout strategies that can be employed anywhere - home, gym, park, hotel room, beach
  • Understand how to get motivated about exercise and stay that way
  • Know how to exercise without the risk of injury
  • And above all, inject some fun into fitness! 

If you’re looking for some time-efficient, flexible exercise solutions that get great results, this session is a must for you.

Please complete this booking form if you’d like to attend the session.