GDPR two months on: What’s new?Notices

GDPR two months on: What’s new?

On 25 May the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) passed into UK law alongside the Data Protection Act 2018. So what impact has it had so far?

You may have spotted three things. Firstly, the volume of marketing emails into your inbox may have dropped considerably. Companies may have also become more polite and descriptive in explaining how they will use your personal data and, lastly, if you have completed your GDPR e-learning module you will have become more aware of what you should be doing to manage the personal data you are holding.

If you require more information on GDPR then additional resources have been added to portal. Go to IT help option and select GDPR for a range of documents that have been uploaded to help you. Two email boxes have been set up as well. Contact if you have any general questions and use to report any incidents such as loss, theft or compromise of personal data that you are concerned about.