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GDPR - new e-learning materials

On May 25 2018 Data Protection Law across the European Union will be upgraded to incorporate the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In summary, GDPR increases the rights of data subjects and the accountability of organisations. Much higher financial penalties and sanctions have been introduced and the reach of the legislation extends both geographically and into the relations between data controllers and data processors (third parties, including IT systems and people who work on behalf of the school).

For some of us this will be a significant milestone of a comprehensive schedule of work to make sure the school is compliant with this legislation. For others there may only be a vague awareness of something happening that colleagues are working on!

This change raises a number of questions for all of us – what is the legislation about, how is the School preparing, what should I be doing and what will change?

To help you understand what GDPR is all about L&D will be releasing two online modules in the next few weeks. The first is a general overview of the regulation which will cover everything you need to know and the second is an information security course outlining the risks involved with processing data and advice on how to reduce that risk. Each will be mandatory for all staff to complete so please look out for them and complete them within the time frame given. 

In the coming weeks look out for more articles and highlighting specific aspects of the regulation and the impact GDPR will have on the School.