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Financial planning and advice sessions

One of our partner Independent Financial Advisors will be running another series of presentations on Tuesday 25 September 2018. These will be aimed at helping you to understand, and take advice upon, the likely financial needs that you may have over the course of the next few years or more. The needs are likely to differ from individual to individual and certainly will be influenced by what stage of your career you are presently at. The sessions are as follows - 

Early Career

This session is likely to be suited to colleagues who are in the early stages of both their career with LBS and their financial lifecycle. As such, you may well wish to be looking at the following areas of advice:

Financing a home purchase - how to best save for your deposit, taking advantage of any government incentives; mortgage types

Savings - for that all important mortgage deposit or long term financial security

Protecting your family - ensuring that you have both the correct type and sufficient levels of life cover to repay mortgage debt and provide for dependents

Mid Career

This session is likely to be suited to colleagues who may run a house, have a family and who are also looking to their future financial stability. You will likely be looking to consider the following areas of advice:

Family Protection - ensuring that your loved ones are provided for in the event of your death or serious illness and that any debts are repaid

Income Protection - what happens if you should become too ill to work

School/ University fees planning - how best to plan for these

Maximising your future retirement income - tax efficiency of maximising pension contributions; alternative income producing investments; maximising your partners income allowances in later life

Investment Planning - alongside pension planning you may want to invest disposable income for better returns that are achievable by holding cash on deposit; the alternative investment opportunities

Pre Retirement 

This session will be suited to those colleagues approaching their retirement years whether or not retirement is on your immediate radar. This will be suitable to those who may still have a few years of a working career left as well as anyone who may be looking to retire in the foreseeable future. 

Retirement Benefit Options - tax free cash or pension? The options and considerations

Maximising Retirement Income - contributions to USS or personal pensions? Being aware of maximum allowances (Annual and Lifetime); pension provision for partner; investing for income if you have exceeded your allowances

Cashflow Planning - how an analysis of your future income and expenditure can reassure you of your financial certainty

Tax Efficiencies - maximising yours and your partners allowances in retirement

Estate Planning - as you approach or spend time in retirement you will inevitably be concerned about what happens to your family wealth in the event of your death

The below graph will help demonstrate financial lifecycles to you. Spaces at these sessions are limited so please book now to secure your place.’