Final Sundowners of 2018: Japan Club

The final Sundowners of the year takes place this evening and is brought to you by the LBS Japan Club, who will be providing samples of rare sparkling sakes.

With Japan Trek tickets going on sale next week as well, members of the club will also be adorning "happi coats" and providing attendees with further details on what is sure to be a memorable excursion.

Sundowners is a free fortnightly event that is brought to you by one of the School clubs with different themes, drinks, decorations and entertainment.

Sundowners is made possible by a partnership with ABInBev. For those of you unfamiliar with Sundowners, here's a quick FAQ for you:

Do I need to stand in line like everyone else or is line cutting okay?
Line cutting is never okay at Sundowners. Others should not have to suffer for your tardiness. Those caught line cutting will be denied entrance by security.

Do I need to register or RSVP to attend Sundowners?
There is no need to sign up, but you must bring your LBS ID.

Can I bring guests?
Partners are welcome, but they must also bring their LBS Partner Card to enter. Unfortunately, we cannot welcome other guests. Children are not allowed to attend.

Who are these amazing people serving me and making Sundowners possible?
The Sundowners crew members are all LBS students who have volunteered their time to make Sundowners possible. They appreciate hugs and high fives. Make sure to ask them how they got their nicknames!